Our Arctic Nature Walk!

Today we finally had some warmer weather! It got up to 40 degrees! So we decided that, since we have all had colds here, that a walk outside would be fun. So we headed out to the lake, and boy was it cold! The wind picked up over the water (it always does) and we froze! (Bunny wanted to know if the wind could lift cars and houses! We told her no, but she got blown around pretty well). We weren’t the only things frozen outside though, the lake was frozen and we were able to walk out on the water! It was fun to be out on the beach in the cold! Bunny freaked out (her words not mine) about the cracks in the ice. After I told her Daddy checked it out and it was fine, she was so excited about it! She wanted to skate, but the ice had a slushy layer so it didn’t work out! Pup was still feeling bad, but I think that the fresh air was good for her! We had fun (short fun, but fun)! After we got back in the car, I looked at the pictures and I thought that they looked like pictures of people in the Arctic! 🙂 But that’s Ohio! By Friday we are supposed to have weather hitting 55 degrees! 🙂 So I guess I will have snowless, almost spring pictures in a few days!

 The water receded off the shore and then froze! It made a hallow spot that Daddy stepped into!

 Our beach!