Our Atrium

Today was our final day at the Atrium for the year. I asked if I could take some picture for the blog. So here is what our Atrium looks like. My girls love to be there and it amazes me how quite and how long they will concentrate while they are there. I just wish I could get that at home too! 🙂 I am planning on starting the training to teach Catechises in the fall. Then I will start it in our parish! Anyway, here it is:

Here is the Practical Life area of the Atrium

Pup working

Practical Life Shelves
Mustard seed, pearl of great price, work

Easter work

Jerusalem Work

Prayer Table

Baptism Work

Alter Work

Sacristy Cabinet


Art area

Upper Room


Bunny setting the Alter work

Baptism Cards

Baptism Presentation

                                             Pup working                                                 


Baptising the “baby”

Pup doing Baptism work

Pentecost celebration!