Our Calender

 So I have been wanting to post of our school calender for a while. I must admit that this idea was not mine, I totally copied Mari-Ann from Counting Coconuts! http://countingcoconuts.blogspot.com/2010/10/our-classroom-calendar-circle-time.html I loved how organized and pretty her calender was, so I made one for our house. There are alot of features that I really like. We have the days of the month or a classroom calender that I got from the dollar store. Bunny puts up the numbers every month as her calender work. She love to be able to put the tacks in place. Hanging on the tack is a key ring with some ribbon on it to mark the date. This way we can see where we are more easily.

Underneath the calender is pockets with the days of the week on them. Into the pocket goes a little popsicle stick with a person on it that tell us what today, yesterday, and tomorrow are. I’m hoping that as we do this daily we can get a better idea of the passage of time!

 Up at the top I have the month name, the year, and the season. We review this daily as well.

Finally we track the moon phases (Bunny loves the moon) and we track the weather. I have laminated cards and everyday Bunny (and sometimes Pup) pick out the cards for the day.

I got the Moon Phase cards from here https://edutccom.ipower.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=33&sort=2a&page=2&osCsid=42f077d8a67a85fb7edd5b878eec5fa1
(there are a ton of good freebies here)
and I got the weather cards here. http://www.bootkidz.co.uk/kids-weather/  (Scroll down towards the bottom for the ones I used )
The girls both really enjoy using the calender and my hope is that they pick all the difficult concepts of time by simply using it daily! Let me know what you think!