Our Classroom Pictures!

I have been inspired by Lori over at Montessori MOMents to show off my little Montessori Classroom. Lori has just finished remodeling her room and it looks AMAZING! I really love to look at other people’s classroom pictures and get new ideas for my own! 🙂 So here are my pictures of where we spend our learning time! I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment and let me know what you think. So here we go on the tour:

When you walk down to our basement, this is what you see!
Our child sized table and chairs.
The pillows on the chair were made by me at the request of Bunny. She saw the material at the store and LOVED it! So we made pillows. There are children of the world on them.
This is a newer shelf, and for the time being it holds our practical life work and our toddler work. I know that some of the shelves are WAY too high, but with Tadpole down there it became a necessity. 🙂 We have our cross polishing, water transfer, pouring, mirror polishing, shape sorter, ring game, small puzzle, treasure basket, and our dressing frames.
Our continent boxes and geography area. The puzzles are stored under the chair for lack of a better place at this time.
The first cabinet in the built in units has our language work. Moveable Alphabet, and the tray with the secret message are on the shelf. The metal insets, and sandpaper letters are in the cabinet.
Next is our math area. The cabinet has most of that work, and the shelf above it has some more of our spring trays. Our math area has calender work, bank game, Tangrams, number rods, golden beads, binomial cube, bead stairs, sandpaper numbers.
Next is our Botany/ random cabinet. On the shelf is our nature tray with things that we have collected on our nature walks. In the cabinet is our 3 part cards, clock puzzle, sorting tray, Botany puzzles and control charts, and other random puzzles that Pup and Tadpole do.
Our last cabinet is our sensory area. On the shelf is a spring tray, and the geometric solids box. In the cabinet is the rainbow peg people, clothes pin cup, a rainbow puzzle, cylinder blocks, touch boards and blindfold, knobless cylinders, and fabric matching. I really would love to have more space to put out the other works too, but I guess less is more! 🙂 Off to the side wall you can see our pink tower.
Here is the main work area for Bunny. I know that the table is really high, but she has no problems getting up and down. Its great cause the little ones cant get anything. This is where out art supplies are out all the time and ready for inspiration. The bulletin board is there to display all the work that Bunny and Pup do. I love how this area always looks good. The jar system for the pencils and stuff is perfect.
Here you can see we have pencils, roll up crayons, washable markers (Pup’s favorites), colored pencils, regular crayons, flat recycled crayons (under the tape), glue, and scissors. There is also a basket with paper! The pink container has a pencil sharpener in it so Bunny can sharpen her own pencils.
Finally we have the back area by the stairs. This wall is where our sensory bin lives (along with a broom and dustpan). The area under the stairs (which you can see all that well) is where one of our computers, the printer, and our files are. Not really a part of the school room, but a great use of a useless space.
So there you have it! Our classroom! We really enjoy working down there. It has a peaceful and organized feel to it which I love! I am still working on some of the smaller details of our prepared space, but I think that that is something that all good teachers are doing constantly to make sure that the room is fitting the needs of the kids! I hope you enjoyed our little tour!