Our Garden!

This year we had to create a new garden space becuase we redid our backyard in the fall. Instead of having a traditional garden on the ground, my hubbie built a huge garden box on our new fence! It looks really pretty and it seems to hold enough stuff for us! Bunny wanted peas SO much, she also wanted some strawberries. So we planted those as well as peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and zucchinis.It is really late getting in because of all the rain. I hope it all grows well. We are getting more then enough rain, I’m just afraid that it is too much. We’ll find out! Here is what it looks like!

Bunny and Daddy

Pup in the dirt

Pup “helping”! 🙂

Bunny working

Here are her strawberry plants! She is so proud of them!


She gave up trying to reach the plants and just watered the ground! 🙂

Here is the plants






and Peas!
Do you have a garden? If so what are you growing?