Our Good Shepherd

Well it has been a very busy weekend! On Saturday my sister in law got married! It was a great wedding and Bunny and Pup were both one of the 5 flower girls! They looked beautiful! I wasn’t able to get many pics, but I got a few:

I did her hair. It turned out pretty well!

So cute!

Pup wasn’t happy about the dress and so she would stay still for long! This was the best Pic I got of her! I hope that someone else got one!
The other thing that happened is that I finally finished my Good Shepherd set! Yeah! It turned out fairly well I think and Bunny and Pup both wanted to play with it right away! (Yes there was a fight!) But there was some great work done with this set already and I think that there will be a to more! This work is a corner stone of the Catechises of the Good Shepherd. Dr. Sofia Calalletti discovered that this image of Jesus was the one that was the most meaningful to children all over the world. Thus this work became a beautiful center work! I really hope that this leads my girls to some deeper thoughts of the beauty of God!