Our Grammar Farm!

Well as promised, here is our Grammar Farm. I really love this idea of introducing the terms and meaning of grammar to kids. What you do is give a child labels for things on the Farm. These labels are nouns. Then you introduce articles, adjectives, and other parts of a sentence. This is an easy and, lets face it, a fun way to learn! I thought that this was a work that is still to far ahead for Bunny at this point. It is meant to be introduced after a child is reading fairly well, and Bunny is hardly reading at all. So I really just started using this as a means to help her start to sound words out and to play eye spy in a fun theme based way! 🙂 It fits so well with our theme. Today was her first chance at actually working with it (she and Pup have been playing with for a few days!). I wrote a few labels for the smaller nouns and I asked her to place them by the right item, and I was shocked that she sounded them out. Then she asked for more! She labeled everything!

So I told her these words were nouns and that they were naming words. I guess its not as far ahead of her as I thought! I really think that it is a work worth investing in! Plus I was able to do it for rather inexpensively! Our Farm is Melissa & Doug and I got from Amazon for $14! I don’t know why it was so inexpensive! They I just bought the Farm Toob and the Petting Zoo Toob from Safari LTD.. I then made a felt mat so that I was able to add other words like pond, path, and nest! I also plan on buying the farm labels that Montessori Print Shop makes, so that I dont have to do it myself! 🙂 They make a great set of them!

If you want more information on Grammar Farms check out these great links link: