Our Shelves~ Feburary

As I said yesterday our theme this month is Grace and Courtesy, so our trays are very valentiney! Love treats everyone one with respect and care, so I figured Valentine’s Day fit well. I think we have some fun ideas this month. Some are my original ideas and some I found by random internet searches. Let me know what you think!

Practical Life
Dressing Basket


Spooning Buttons


Rose Placement

Heart Shaped Lunch
(I did this last month with a snowman and the girls loved it! We do sandwiches, quesadillas, whatever we can)


 Pink Series Word Cards


Bead Transferring

Heart Matching (Freebie here)
Sensory Tub
Heart Counters

Bead Stair Art
We are going to be doing some Matisse inspired valentines projects this month. I found this idea on The Adventures of Bear and it looked like fun. She also has some 3 part Matisse cards that I still need to print off. I’ll post more on that later on!