Our Shelves~ March

Well we are almost to March and my kids are begging for new works to do, so I have prepared our shelves with some fun new works! Our theme this month is Spring!!! We will be talking about the weather changes, plant life, and even baby animals. We also are going to be talking about Lent since that will be starting soon, but that is another post! :)I have done a lot more this month since I maybe doing some babysitting and will have another kiddo that needs work too! I hope that you like our work this month! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Practical Life
Flower Arranging (for Pup)

Flower arranging (for Bunny)

Spooning into Boxes

Wood Polishing

Shell Scrubbing

Water Transferring

Pouring Beans

Mirror Polishing
Language will be working more with the Moveable Alphabet and also working on phonogram cards.She needs to start learning those. I also see Bunny trying to read more Bob Books.
Secret Messages
(I will write out the word of an object and Bunny will figure out which object it is)

Button Sorting
Our sensory tub~ Simple and yet the kids love it!
Fabric Matching
Math will be working with the Golden Bead Material and also working with fractions in the sensory bin.