Our Shelves~ May

Well I have finally gotten around to making trays for our classroom! I have decided that the best thing for us will be to make a few trays every now and again, but to focus on the regular works. This will take a lot of pressure off of me so that I be a better mommy! So our theme is plants and here is what I have:

Spooning Beans

Pouring with a funnel

Sponge Tong Tower

Q-tips in a honey bear. This idea is from Chasing Cheerios

Tray for washing Metal Insets. Pup uses markers with them all the time, so they get really dirty. This way the clean up gets done and some practical life is done too!
I also have a tray with pages for Bunny to make Parts of a flower, tree, and leaf books. She got to work on it right away!

Here is her results
What are you doing with your kiddos this month?