Our Shelves~ Zoo

Well as promised, here is what I have on our shelves this month! Bunny and Pup both agreed that they wanted to learn about zoos. Since that seems to be everyone’s interest, I went with it! In addition to our classroom work, we will be hitting the zoo pretty frequently! Here is what we have:

Cutting Practice
 (for Pup. She actually already did all of the ones I have!)

Pin Poking
(animal shapes are from Montessori Print Shop)

Turning Lids with Spatula

Spooning Bells
(Pup really needs practice using a spoon. I’m not sure if she’ll do it, but its worth a shot!)

Pouring into bowls
(sorry about the bad picture, my camera settings were messed up)

Tweezing Animals

Zoo Book making
(I am trying to encourage Bunny to write using all sorts of exciting things. I hope she likes this)

Vertebrate/ Invertebrate Sorting
( we are going to try talking about animals classification. We’ll see how well I get those lessons in)
Sorting Animals by Continent
(animals are from our continent box, and the continent cards are from Montessori Print Shop)

Sifting Beans and Animals

Matching animals to animal cards
(This is Pup’s work. The animals are the Zoo Baby Toob. I made the cards.)

More animal Math!
(Bunny LOVES “winning” the animals from me when she gets the problem done! We are working on addition with exchange. I think I will introduce subtraction soon as she has done these problems with ease! Like she say “I am just a math girl mommy!”)
This is what we will be up to in our spare time! 🙂 I think that we will try and do some more morning work and head out side later. But its summer, so we will see what happens! 😉 Happy Schooling!