Our Trays~ April

I am so late in getting this post out! Sorry! Out theme this month is Birds! We have done this study before about a year ago, so I am still figuring out what parts about birds will be the best to teach! We will be talking about the Life Cycle starting next week since Bunny’s friend has some chicken eggs that should be hatching around Easter! I haven’t told her yet, but I think she will love it! More about that later though, for now here is what is on our trays this month!

Practical Life

Tweezing Wooden Eggs

Tonging a Spong Tower
( I found these vintage hankies that were my grandmas and I thought they would be perfect for some practical life work! I think I will work on washing with them later)

Whisk Broom Work
(There has been alot of sweeping work here, and we really need to practice sweeping up the pile)
Sound Fishing!
(Both girls have been “fishing” over the edge of the stairs. So I made it a more educational thing! They LOVED it. They have to match the sound on the fish with the sandpaper letter)
I am still working on getting some small egg counters for out number cards. Bunny said that she would really like to do that, so…..off to the store soon! 🙂
Stringing Beads

(More vintage things from my grandma! These are little plastic birds and flower)
Parts of a Bird Cards
(These cards are from Montessori Print Shop. I will be reviewing them soon)

Matching Birds
(I found these adorable birds on Etsy. They came unfinished, and I painted them.
I really hope Pup uses them)
What things are you doing this month with your kiddos?