Our week….or two!

We have been crazy busy this week! My brother broke his ankle and needed some surgery. My other brother broke his foot (I am not kidding, it has been interesting)! So between helping my mom shuttle people to the doctor, making dinners, and doing some school work, we have been all over the place. However, we have made some discoveries, and really had some fun despite everything! So here are some of the things we have been up to this week!



DSCN6732The girls are really into playing with their dollhouse. I got it out last week for the first time in a while and they were so excited!


DSCN6739Pup is discovering double diget numbers! She told me some of the numbers on calendar and she did a great job!

photoHere is my bro prepping for surgery. Poor guy. Pup has decided though that his lap is still a great place to sit.
After all, he cant go anywhere and he can still read! 😉



DSCN6759I found a recipe for homemade Frappuccino! Life changing! I literally made three of these this week!

photo 1We also made apple nachos! Ummmm…..also amazing!

IMG_3073There was also some random crafty fun!

All in all it was great week despite the craziness! We still had fun and learned a lot! This week is going to be just as crazy, but I hope just as fun! I hope you all had a great week too! What were some of the happy moments of your week?