Parts of a Bean

We have been trying to study plants this month, so I soaked some beans last night and we dissected them today! I saw this work on The Work Plan ans thought it would be fun! I bought the bean seed 3 part cards from Montessori Print Shop and Bunny wanted to do them first thing this morning. After she did those, we set them out on the table and got the beans. I first let the girls pull a few apart, then I started to show them each part. Bunny was really looking at them and pointing them out the different parts by looking at the cards! It was so easy and so fun! Here is some pictures of out learning!

Doing the 3 part cards

All ready!

I love how she is looking so closely.

Pup loved picking them apart!

You really can see all the parts in this black eyed pea. It was really cool! Hands on learning is the best!