Parts of a Plant

This week we have had a few lessons on the parts of the plant! I showed Bunny, Bug, and Pup a real flower plant that I took out of the pot. We looked at the roots, the stem, the leaves, and the flower. I also showed the girls our botany puzzle of a plant. Bunny was very excited that I had the control charts and labels for it too! 🙂 I ran off a copy of the blank control chart and Bunny colored it. She also wrote the labels names on it. I was proud of her. We were also able to take a walk around the neighborhood and see some trees with a few root above ground and we identified the parts of them. It always good see the real things!

Working hard on writing the right words.
Flower Arranging
Our parts of the plant lunch.
It doesn’t look great, but it helped the girls see the parts of the plant.
All of this talk lead us to talk about the parts of a flower as well! Luckily the flower that I bought to use for the parts of the plants, was a great one to also see the part of a flower. Bunny really loved looking at all the tiny parts. I was very proud of her concentration.

She put all the pieces in the control chart!
I love these moments where I can see her concentration.
Parts of the flower puzzle.
Our flower.
Our next “spring” lesson will be about insects. Bunny has decided that she LOVES Ladybugs, that she wants to be one for halloween, and that her favorite color is red! Now this all may change soon, but since she is begging to learn about Ladybugs, I guess we’ll run with it! :)