Pink Tower Success!!!!!

I am SO proud of Pup! Today’s post was going to be an update on some of the bird things we have been doing, but then we had an amazing moment!!!! Pup built the Pink Tower all be herself! I re-presented it to her today in the hopes that she would try to stack them correctly. I left her to it while I check on something upstairs. The next thing I hear it “Mom DID IT!” She was beaming! I went down stairs to see and she really did do it! She had all the cubes in the right order! When I left the biggest was on the bottom, but then she missed one and kept going. So I know that she corrected her mistake and it wasn’t luck! I am SUPER proud of her! I just hope that she keeps going! I ordered the Red Rods and I think that maybe she will be able to do them sooner then I thought! She is so smart! 🙂 (I know, I’m bragging). Here are the pics of her success!

Before I went upstairs 🙂 See she did see a mistake!
Here is her final product! All in the right order!

See how proud she is? She is too cute! 🙂