Polishing Mirrors and Color Matching

Pup has been working so hard too that I thought I would give her her own post! Yesterday I was watching Pup play and I realized that she was wetting a small cloth and “washing” things. So I thought that I should pull out some scrubbing and Polishing work. It is a very traditional Montessori work that helps kids focus on a task at hand and follow through. I first set up a tray for scrubbing a shell with soap and water, but she tried it for a few minutes and then proceeded to do hand washing instead. 🙂 So I remembered a post I saw on Counting Coconuts on polishing a mirror. So I got everything together for that and it was a hit!!!! She did it for a long time. I was so happy to have something that she could work on!  Bunny promptly took over Pup’s shell scrubbing! It was great to watch them working so hard and focus so well!

Shell scrubbing (I love the way even her fingers are focused!)
Bunny loved the shell scrubbing too!

She worked like this for at least 20 minutes to a half hour! 🙂

Pup also matched up all of her colors! I was so proud of her! She picks things up so quickly! I had her match the rainbow peg people to our rainbow puzzle. She had no problem! Then she put the peg people into their matching cups! (look here for the post on how to make the matching game). She is just growing so fast! I love to watch her becoming a happy Montessori learner!

Perfect color matching!

Finishing her work. She even put it away!