Quick Farmy Fun!

I was at the craft store and I found some of those little capsules that have sponges in them. You know you put them in water and the “grow”!  Well the package said they were farm shapes, so I had to get them! We did them yesterday and they were super excited! It was fun to watch them waiting excitedly for then to unfold (I had to help them along a bit)! After they were all done, I split them, 6 for each girl. Pup thought they were cool, and ripped 3 of them into bits. I don’t know why, but she was tearing alot of stuff! Bunny Loved hers and thought they were prefect to make a work! She got out two bowls and proceeded to use the sponges to transfer the water from one bowl to the other! You know you have a Montessori child when they make their own work! 🙂

Here is the capsule! I used to get these as a kid!

Dropping them in the bowl.

There they are!
Here is Bunny doing her work!