Random Summer Fun/ Montessori Monday!

Well, yet again, I have been sadly neglecting of my blog! 🙁 We have not really done much lately except play, work on being kind, and run a bunch of small errands. Like I said in my last post I am taking a small schooling break and letting the girls be! I am using this time to get my thoughts in order, think about school next year, and take the time to really be with my husband and kids! Not to mention that the training for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd starts soon, getting things together for the Atrium that I am starting at my church, and the Montessori Class that I am taking now! Things are pretty busy! But here are a few things that we have been doing in this summer heat:

We did get one school day in last week and here is what they did:
Bunny figured out how to make a triangle pocket/envelope. So she took the Zoo stickers and wrote the animal name on the front of her envelope (using movable alphabet first). Then she stuck the animal sticker on a small piece of paper and put it in the envelope! She LOVED this! Especially since she thought of it herself!

Pup is working on cutting.

She decided to do water transfer with a sponge instead of pouring.:)


Animal matching

Tweezing animals

Pup has been obsessed with “counting” everything! Here she is counting her animals!
Looking at the garden for lettues for dinner.

Here are our first zucchini, tomatoes, and peas! I forgot to get a picture of the salad we made!

Isnt she cute!!!!!

She is too! 🙂

My Hubbie let Bunny had some nails and wood and showed her how to use the hammer! She was working on it for a long time!

She made a cross and was so proud!

It was a great daddy/ daughter moment!

Pup wanted to do some water painting!

Bunny “painted” too! 🙂

So that is some of the things we have been up to! We have been pretty laid back! The girls have been playing dolls, drawing pictures, riding bikes, and playing on the swings! We plan on getting some sand for a sandbox this week, so check back soon! Happy Summer!