Reading Sensitive Period!!!!!

I am SO excited! Bunny is entering into a reading sensitive period! It really started after I was able present the moveable alphabet correctly. She started using it and then she started looking at road signs while we were driving and sounding them out. I was happy to think that maybe we would heading into a reading period soon. But then yesterday she really shocked me! We read our chapter of Little House on the Prairie before bed, and after it was done she told me she really wanted to learn to read. I told her that she has been working on it by working on her letter sounds. Then I thought I would show her the word “cat” on her Cat in the Hat book. She sounded it out and was surprised that she knew the word! I told her that she was reading! The we opened up to a page that had “cat, box, and hat” on it and she sounded those out too! Wow! She was beaming! She told me that she wanted to work on her letters in the morning and do it all day! 🙂 So I am guess that in the near future I will have a girl that is going to be working like crazy on reading! I thought that now would be a good time to get some BOB books. Thankfully our library has them so I don’t have to buy them right off. We’ll see how it goes! I am SO proud of her. Today she and I worked on “b” word using the moveable alphabet and she is just exploding in “reading” the sounds. She still hasn’t figured out how to “say it fast”, but she is getting it! We’ll just keep working on it slowly!

Another thing that we have been working alot with is Golden Bead Material. Bunny LOVES it. I think that she likes that it is all very organized. Today we played the exchange game to start to work on place value. She really enjoyed it. What we did was draw a number card and count that value of unit bead out and place them in the unit column of the board. We took turns doing this till we got to a number greater then 10. Next we would count out the beads and exchange the 10 units for a 10 bar. That bar goes into the next column. We did this till we were able to get to a hundred square! It was alot of fun. I realized, after we finished of course, that I made the game board the wrong way. The unit beads are supposed to be on the right, not the left! Still it was a great way to start getting her familiar with place value! 🙂