Saint Inspired Science~ Astronomy!

Well last year, my friend and I for the kids together every month for some cooking and reading fun! This year, we have decided to experiment! Literally! This year, we are picking a science theme for each month and a saint to go with it! Saints all have something that they are the patron of. So we found a saint for each scientific theme that we chose! So this month, we chose the three wisemen! While not officially saints, they do offer an amazing example of what it means to seek the Lord. It also offers us an amazing chance to discover stars! We started off by talking about stars and what they are. I read Stargazers by Gail Gibbons. Then we talked about their light and how we can see it on earth even though the light maybe millions of years old! Then we pulled out the build your own telescope kit I had gotten. Much to our disappointment, it didn’t work very well. The plan was to take our telescope outside to see the stars, but a huge snow storm put a bit of a damper on that! We will have to go out there another night! After trying to make the telescope work out, we had a fabulous Epiphany feast! Chicken soup with stars, star shaped sandwiches, Lambs Wool Drink (warm spiced apple cider), and Kings Cake (spice cake)! There was lots of fun, lots of experimenting, and lots of playtime too!

IMG_0225 IMG_0230 IMG_0239 IMG_0243 IMG_0251 IMG_0255 IMG_0265 IMG_0271 IMG_0274 IMG_0278 IMG_0284 IMG_0287 IMG_0299 IMG_0306 IMG_0314Well there you have it! We had a lovely time! It was such a wonderful way to celebrate Kings Day. We got to think about the stars, especially the one that  brought the kings to the lord Jesus. I imagine that it really changed their lives!  I really hope that no matter what happens we always remember to imitate them in their quest! Happy Kings Day!