Sensitive Periods All Around!

Well today was a banner day here, and there was an explosion of learning! I love days like this, it make everything else worth it! Homeschooling can be really hard, but the payoff is great!
Montessori teaches that kids will go through a phase where they will do something with seeming endless interest. This is called a sensitive period. I noticed a few days ago that Bunny wanted to put letter sounds together everywhere! Today Bunny read her first BOB book! She was so proud, I was so proud, and now she is trying to read all of them! 🙂 I cant believe that she is reading! Now I just need to keep presenting the phonograph sandpaper letters so that we can keep the progress going!

The other amazing thing that “just happened” today was that Pup matched her first set of cards! We don’t have many objects to match that she can practice on, so when she matched cards today I was shocked! We have some Butterfly matching cards that she loves (there a bunch of of cards, but I just gave her 6 because she usually spreads them around the floor).  I laid out one line of the butterfly cards, and I asked her to match them. I showed her one, then it just seemed to click!!!!! She matched the rest then did it over and over again! I was so proud of her! I am also excited sine this means I can pull out some more work for her! I hope all of you had a good day too!