Spending Time Together!

Today my sister came over and we headed out to the beach! I realized that we have not been to the beach this summer yet, because the heat has been so intense. So I thought we should get there once and today seemed like a good one! The girls were so excited! They had suits on and were ready to go by 8:45am! We obviously got out there early and it was really good thing! By the time we left around lunch time, there was a ton of people! We got to the beach and set up our blanket, and the first thing that the girls wanted to do was swim in  the water. I think what appeals to them is the fact that the water is so shallow and gets deeper so gradually that they can practice swimming so easily! Both girls played for a long time in the water! While I watched them in the water, I thought it would be a good time to have some one on one fun with each girl. This is a very key part of the positive parenting method. Each day, a parent should take at least 10-20 minutes with each child doing something that the child wants to do. So I asked each girl what they wanted to do with me, and they had no problem finding ideas! 😉 Bunny wanted me to swim with her. She thought it would be fun to race me in the water! So we swam together for a while! After that, I played with Pup. She wanted to run on the beach and then back into the water! After that she wanted to play in the sand. It was so much fun to all of us. Taking time with each kiddo while we are somewhere fun, really make it a different way to make sure that they each have that moment of attention each day! I love that idea! Time together while we are out and about is special for everyone! I of course have oodles of pictures to share of our summer fun!

Bunny made a river down to the water and we talked about how water always flows downhill. So we tried digging the trench lower then the lake. She was amazed that the water came up to the hole she made! I love learning moments in play dont you?

A Picture of me! That’s a rare thing! 😉
Here is a sunshine I put on my sister’s belly with sunscreen! It really did leave the pattern behind and is rather funny! I warned her that it may take months to go away, but she doest care! 🙂 We are a bit crazy together sometimes! 😉

So that was our fun today! Both the girls and I (and my sister of course) had a great time playing together in the water and the sand! Time together with my kids is so hard to find sometimes, but it is so important! How do you make time for your kiddos in your busy days?