Spring is Here!!!!!

So I have another post today that I really wanted to share! Finally we are having signs of Spring!!!!!! I am SO excited! Here is a picture of the first flowers in our garden, crocus!!!!

They were such a sweet surprise! We have had a few days of warm weather. Today it even got up to 60 degrees! So we of course went out for our first official nature walk this year! I know that we have gotten out, but this time we could walk without the snow and ice making us too cold to appreciate things. And it was a nice change from the neighborhood walk that we have been doing! 🙂 Pup is starting to think that all of the nature in people’s yards are up for more inspection, and I am having a hard time getting her out of yards! Today was great for her. She got to freely roam in nature and look at everything that she wanted! Here are our pictures:


Picnic Pizza!

What is this rock?

We saw a TON of deer tracks!

Deer fur that we found.

Feather we found.

This is a giant ant hill. It was fun to watch.

Finally found a water bank to sit by. The girls wanted to stay here for a long time! 🙂

Looking around.

Pup sat throwing shells into the water. She LOVE to watch the ripples!

See…she LOVED it! 🙂

Bunny hunting for treasures.

More looking!

Here is some of what we found.

This is a muscle shell that she observed for a while. She observed that it could close, that both shell were exactly the same, and it was special.

We got ice cream after our walk! They love this too!

It was a good day! 🙂 Happy Spring!!!!!