Stations of the Cross Box

Well Lent is here. I have been working hard at trying to find things for the girls to do for lent that work well with our schooling. So the main thing that we are doing is spending time with Jesus each day. I really ideally would like it to be the same time each day, but that is still a work in progress. So far the shining star of this time is the Stations of the Cross Box. I found the idea on Catholic Icing for a box that has one item for each station of the cross. I thought that this was a very Montessori way of letting the girls discover the passion of the Lord for themselves. So far Bunny has really loved it! She was sitting today and looking at each items  and really thinking about each thing. It was so sweet to see her really thinking about all the things that happened to Jesus and why. This might just be the best Lenten thing ever! It is such a great way for her to really remember what the season is all about! 🙂

Our box’s objects are:
~Station 1:
 Jesus is condemned to die: Rope
~Station 2:
Jesus carries his cross: cross made of twigs
~Station 3:
Jesus falls the first time: Band aid
~Station 4:
Jesus meets his mother: Mary peg person
~Station 5:
Simon of Cyrean helps Jesus carry the cross: Heart with a Hand (Simon helped with love)
~Station 6:
Veronica wipes Jesus’ face: Cloth with Jesus’ Face sketched on.
~Station 7:
 Jesus falls the second time: Band aid
~Station 8:
Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem: Tissue
~Station 9:
Jesus falls the third time: Band aid
~Station 10:
Jesus is stripped of his garments: Jesus Garment
~Station 11:
Jesus is nailed to the cross: Nail
~Station 12:
Jesus dies on the cross: Crucifix
~Station 13:
 Jesus is taken down from the cross: Picture of the Pieta
~ Station 14:
 Jesus is laid in the tomb: Rock
Bunny loves this! 🙂
The whole set all laid out.
Stations 1-4
Stations 5-9
Stations 10-14
The front of our box and the station books that are in it.
Pup looking at the cross.
I have an alter set that the girls can also do, and the Good shepherd set. Both are things that they work with at the atrium where the girls are part of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. If you are interested in learning more about that, please read my post about it here.