Taking Time Tuesday~ Turkeys!

Well today is Tuesday so it was time for our craft! I was scouring Pintrest for a great idea, but I just couldn’t find that wonderful idea that seemed amazing! So I thought for a while and remembered this awesome idea that I had seen on Small Things. Ginny took some fabric scraps, balloons, and Mod Podge to create some lantern type decor. I thought that if I took some brown scraps of fabric we could use it to make turkey decor.  Well if I had re read her post I would have re thought this whole idea, but I didn’t! It was not a project for the faint of heart! I haven’t worked with Mod Podge for years and I forgot just how messy and awful it can be. The girls were very excited and ready to help. They helped cut the material while I poured out the Mod Podge and blew up the balloons. After that it was just smearing the glue on the balloon and adding the fabric. Well…..it should have been that simple but it wasn’t. The balloons flip once they get some fabric on them and then they roll. This leaves the table and the kids covered in Mod Podge! Bunny was frustrated, Pup was too and before long they bailed! They left me with 3 balloons to finish! It was a mess. I had glue on everything. Well I finally got them done and left them to dry. Later this afternoon they were dry (enough) to add all the fun bits! Bunny and I popped the balloon and filled lantern with stuffing. Then I hot glued green (grass) felt to the hole to make the base. Then we added a head, beak, googly eyes, and feathers! They turned out so cute! It was defiantly one of those crafts where the result is better then the process. I think that they girls had fun and that is all that matters! Here are some pictures of our project!

Here is Pup cutting. She did a great job! It was great practice!

I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the actual project, but here is what the table looked like afterward!

Here is Bunny stuffing the turkeys.
She thought this was funny since we really stuff turkeys! 😉

Here they are all done! They turned out pretty cute!
We are planning to give them to grandparents for Thanksgiving!
(Sorry if you are reading this Mom! You still don’t know which one you’ll get)

The only thing that I can add to this is to PLEASE PROTECT YOUR WORK SURFACE!!!! I made the mistake of just doing the work without and WOW what a mess. I had to work so hard to scrub the table tonight to get it all off! I even did it Montessori style with the scrub brush. Worst clean up ever. However if you get the dried glue wet it does look cloudy so you can see it! 😉
Anyway if you happen to try this, I would love it if you let me know! Happy Schooling everyone!