Thanksgiving Project

Since thanksgiving is just around the corner, my mom and I thought it called for a fun Thanksgiving craft! This one was simple, pretty, and easy! What’s not to love about that? The kids cut a cornucopia, fruit, and veggies our of different colors of tissue paper. Then, after wetting the paper down with starch, they laied the pieces of the paper where they wanted them, Then the picture was covered with another layer of starch. After letting it dry, we outlined the pieces with crayon! Perfectly simple and fun! Here is what we did!

DSCN7869 DSCN7870 DSCN7873 DSCN7879 DSCN7884 DSCN7887 DSCN7889 DSCN7890 DSCN7945 DSCN7946 DSCN7947 DSCN7948 DSCN7949

So there you have it! The girls LOVED this project and they are now proudly hanging in the frames on the school room walls! Pup made the blue cornucopia (Andy Warhol style), and Bunny stuck to the traditional colors! Both are super fun and super easy! Try it sometime! What is your favorite Thanksgiving craft? Happy Crafting!