The Last Chick post!

Well today was the last day that we are going to see our chicks (I think). My friend brought them over to the house so that the girls could say good bye and hold them. They were so cute! I love how the girls picked up the chicks and looked at them. They looked so closely and even Pup stroked one! I love it! Here are the pics of their short visit:

After they left I asked Bunny to draw a picture and write (rather dictate) a little bit about the chicks. Here is what she came up with! I think she did pretty well.
Here are her three chicks.

And here is her report.
It says:
“I got to pick up and hold the chickies. There were 3 of them. Their eggs started to get crack, then the chick cracked out of the egg. When I help the chick it squiggled between my hands. It squiggled when I tried to put it down. The black chick fell asleep in my hand.”
I love my Bunny! She is so clever!