Valentine’s Love Wreath and Other Crafty Fun!

This month in our school room, our theme is Grace, Courtesy, and Practical Life. I asked Bunny what she wanted to learn about and she said that she wanted to learn about doing things the right way and being nice! So we are embracing Montessori teachings and learning to love others and respect things! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! I realized the other day that I don’t praise and appreciate my girls as much as I should, and since that is a really important part of respect, I thought I would make it a point this month to do it! I made a wreath circle out of cardboard and I wrapped it in yarn. Then I glued a bunch of clothespins around it. I hung this on the wall of our kitchen and put a basket on the table with pink hearts in it. Every night at dinner, my hubby and I will write down on a heart something that we think the girls did well, or that we love about them , and clip them it on the wreath! I think they will love it!

Our table set up: heart basket and wreath ready to start tonight!

Here is how it will look with hearts on it!

Here is a picture summery of what I did in case anyone wants to make one of their own. If it goes well I may leave it up and change it with our theme (shamrocks, flowers, birds, etc).

I also realized today that I forget to post up some other crafts I finished that I said I would post! At the beginning of the month I took up needle felting and started making people. Bunny and I have been reading the Little House on the Prairie Series and She LOVES them! So I needled felted Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and Carrie for her birthday. They turned out well (Pa has issues standing up, but other then that they are good) and she loves them! Here is a pic of how they turned out!

My sister and I also did some painting, and made some canvases for my living room. I promised a pic of how they turned out, so here it is!They turned out pretty well!

She did this one.

I did this one!