Water Expirment

Well yesterday Bunny discovered a sucker stick that was left in the yard overnight. She came running in the house all excited because “it turned into paper”!  It must have gotten wet, then dried. She asked if she could use it to make a rubbing of the tree bark, and I of course said “sure”! Well it didn’t work out so well, but it got her thinking. She asked if I thought all sucker sticks would turn into paper. I said that I thought so. She then asked if we could take some sucker sticks and put them in water to see if it worked. I said “sure”! So we got some suckers (we had to eat them first of course) and soaked them in water for a while. My first thought was that they really needed to be spritzed with water to unroll like the other one did, but Bunny didn’t like that idea, so I let her do her experiment her way. I didn’t work, they got soggy and fell apart. But to me it wasn’t so much about getting “paper” as it was about allowing her to try out her ideas! And hey, not every idea works! Here is the pictures of her experiment:

Filling the water

Pup was very willing to “help”! 😉

Here is the experiment in working.


Trying to see if it worked.