Welcome Keys of the Universe!

Today I want to welcome my newest blog sponsor~ Keys of the Universe! Jessica who started this amazing Online Montessori Elementary Training class, is here today to tell us a little about the program!

It is such a pleasure to have you here Jessica and to present you as my newest sponsor! You have a Montessori Elementary training program that is perfect for anyone who wants to know the in and outs of Montessori! Can you tell me a bit about your classes?

The albums are 95% AMI albums. I have fine-tuned them for a wider audience – homeschool moms and school teachers who cannot take a formal training.
Each album provides the keys for exploring the universe, allowing for time and space for the child’s own explorations. This allows the adult to provide a greater amount of support, rather than playing constant catch-up to the child’s interests.

The classes I offer are quite open-ended. There is built-in guidance for those who need and want it; but the layout is very flexible for those who need to be more laid-back, including those on tight budgets.

We have a permanent discussion board for sharing questions and resources; as well as private e-mail access with me – a homeschooling and co-op teaching Montessori mom, with previous classroom experience.

So participants choose their level of participation, needed support, and amount of contact – and they can change those things at any time they like.
Sounds like you really cover all the bases here! Tell me, how did you start your Montessori Journey?

I started a whole blog to answer this question 😉 The very beginning was initiated during my subbing days when I first worked at a Montessori school – by seeing the community of Montessori children finding joy and peace in their work.

First utilizing it all myself was a fantastic roller coaster ride with some of my tutoring children: 3rd graders with no reading abilities; 2nd graders who could not count to 10; children with no self-esteem, little self-control, chaotic home lives and even more chaotic school experiences. They truly provided me with a refreshing view of how Montessori can provide for a variety of learning needs.

It is always so cool to hear how other people started with Montessori. Now I know that you homeschool your own children, what is some advise you have for other Montessori Moms?

1) You CAN do elementary Montessori – and it does NOT have to look like a classroom! I have found elementary easier to implement than primary, even with children who were not in primary, because there are fewer materials; the children can use reason and logic; there is a lot of self-exploration balanced with outside requirements.

2) Get the theory albums. Don’t start with a subject album. It is possible to do elementary Montessori without a single Montessori material (though some are quite a bit more indispensable than others). Yes, we want the materials, but Montessori is not about the materials – it is about following the child. The child at this age needs community building, not endless new presentations on areas of NO interest to him. So we entice interest, and provide resources for further exploration.

3) Then work on the Great Lessons. From there – the child has a set of keys that open SO many doors of discovery!

4) Don’t think you have to replicate anyone else’s homeschool Montessori experience! Your child is unique, you are unique, your family dynamics are unique. No two Montessori classrooms are alike, and no two homeschools should be just alike. Be inspired by others when you need it – but don’t model your homeschool after anyone else’s! I think this applies to just not Montessori homeschoolers! 🙂
Wow! That is awesome advice! Thanks you so much Jessica for being here today! If anyone wants more information about Keys of the Universe, you can visit the website! There is more info on the classes and also about when they start! If you ever need to find the site again, there will be a button on my side bar to take you right to her site! Jessica also blogs over at Montessori Nuggets, Montessori Trails and Catholics Hearts Domestic Church! Be sure to stop by and say hi! Happy Schooling everyone!!!