Well…..I’m Not perfect!

I have really been having a hard time with Bunny, so i started to think about what has been going on. There is a lot of crazy personal crap going on here in my life right now, and it has made me rather stressed out. My solution to stress (after consuming large amounts of chocolate) is to absorb myself in the computer. It gives me a nice world that is perfect and controllable.I used to browse ebay (very expensive) now I browse blogs and Montessori websites! My excuse is that this is good for my kids education. I AM getting ideas, but I am also not focusing on the kids that I am supposed to be teaching. Not only that, but I start to feel like Bunny is not in the place she should be at the age that she is in her lessons. So I start to push her when we are doing school. For example, she has been trying to count higher then 20, but once she get past thirty she jumps to sixty. So I pulled out the tens board. She loved it! She did really well and she was even able name some random numbers that I put on the board. So I thought, “hey, that was great why not pull out the hundreds board”. So I did. She was bursting with excitement. Well….lets just say it was too soon. She was in tears and screaming after a few minutes because I wouldn’t tell her what went where, and I promptly put the board away and was frustrated! Oooohhhh. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did anyway. I wanted to control my Montessori world and in the process I am NOT following the child! So I am a greatly flawed and really need to back off. So this week I have backed way off and am focusing on getting our next theme, Farms, together, and I am planning things that should be fun for her. She likes to make books so we will do that. I ordered a farm set so we can play eye spy with it, and maybe try some small words with the moveable alphabet. I am going to make some small barn shaped papers with golden bead addition on it. I hope that I will be able to bring the fun back into our school room! So thank you for listening to me! I really hope that facing my short comings will allow me be a better person!

What do you do when faced with stress and shortcomings?