Wet, Water, Work!

Today it was raining here and looking very cold and gray. So…… we had some water fun inside! I put out all sorts of water work today, Pouring, color mixing, shell scrubbing, rock cleaning, hand washing, sink and float, and of course water colors! 🙂 The girls got into swimsuits and we had a blast! By far the favorite work was handwashing! I dont think that thier hands could get cleaner. Here are the pictures of our work. I set all of this up in my kitchen so that the water didnt ruin my other floor! We even brought the little table up so that could worjk better. Here are some pictures of what we did:

Tadpole at work agian! 🙂 He LOVES this.

Working at the table.

Mesuring Work.

Shell Scrubbing.

Rock Cleaning.

Color Mixing.

Table and Chair Scrubbing.

Learning to move a table and chairs.

More Work! 🙂

Sink and Float.

Bunny wanted to clean. So we practice wringing out a rag.

Hand washing.

More Handwashing.

Even more Handwashing!

We also did some water color painting! 🙂