Why Do We Blog?

Blogging…it is a part of my life, a rather big part! Never in my dreams did I think that so many people would enjoy reading my posts and would stop by here frequently! I am so grateful for this gift of community! Sometime I dont know what I would do without all of you! I love it! But the question is why do I blog? When I started I wanted a place to record all the great things Bunny and Pup were doing. I wanted to create an easily updated scrapbook of great memories along with a place to recorded the learning that was happening since Montessori work isnt really written down too much. It was for me, for my girls, and for our family to keep up with our work! But little did I know, it would turn into something more. Something for you, for other moms out there who are just starting their Montessori Journey, for anyone who just wants a fun idea! WOW!

However, sometime I think that it all seems too perfect, even to me! In the pictures, my house looks perfectly clean, my kids look like they are doing school all day long, and it seems like I am super mom! Behind the lens however is another story. I am a mom like you with dirty dishes, yelling kids, and a to do list a mile long. I dont like to be negative about life and so I try my best to keep thinking looking toward the positive. I dont blog about the screaming fits, the runny noses, or the days when all I hear is whining. I dont blog about how I havent swept the house in over a month, or that my family lives out of laundry baskets because I never fold the laundry, or about how I forgot to get meat out of the freezer for dinner for the third night this week. It not that I want you to think I am perfect, its that I want to remember the good things and dwell on those, not the crappy moments. I think that most blogger think the same way. We arent perfect, dont think we are, and dont want to be. We simply want to make sure the happy moments of the day dont get lost in the less the perfect ones! So we blog. We make sure those moments will be remembered, even if we forget them. We make sure that we can see the happiness even if things seem really bad. We make sure we can look back with a smile at little ones who are now big ones! Sure we do the “great arm sweep” to make sure that even the back ground of the pictures look good, and we will even take our pics hanging over the pile of dirty dishes so they dont clutter the pictures (no that has never happened here, wink wink nudge nudge)! We do it because life is special, timeless, and simple moments that make up a lifetime. So here is t blogging, to happy moments, and to all of you who support, comment, and blog yourself! Happy Blogging Everyone!