Working with Friends

Today we had my friend’s little boy over for the morning. I thought that I would just let our plan go for the most part, but it turns out that we headed downstairs to work! And work we did! L. who is two, did a little bit of everything! He worked really hard with the cylinders and the pink tower. Both were works he` keep returning to and delighted in picking out the biggest and smallest of both works!


Bunny was good and worked through alot of her work on her work plan for the day. She did more work on her addition board, and she did some metal inset designs! I havent showed her the idea yet, but she figured it out herself! She worked super hard to color inside the lines. I was really proud of her when she did it because coloring in the line is something that has always had a hard time with! We also had a chance to do the first compound word presentation. She really like it and so did L and Pup! 🙂 They loved telling me what the picture of the root work was and Bunny would say them together to figure out the compound word! It was alot of fun and I think that they got it! Pup and L. did some sandpaper letter and numbers today too. Pup was really unhappy about having to share! I told she had to, but they were hers! 🙂 It was a good lesson for her!

Sorry for the sideways picture!
After all of that work, we needed some fun! So out came the playdough! Which turned into some learning work as well! L. practiced cutting with a knife, Bunny made fractions, and Pup rolled with a rolling pin! 🙂

It was a day full of work and fun! Bunny and Pup went back to grinding grain later that afternoon! They have been working really hard to keep making flour!
I also want to send my love and prayers to all of you out there in the middle of Sandy. I hope that you are all safe and your homes and families are whole. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers as you move forward.