I have HUGE news here, Bunny is writing!!!!!! We decided to do some school yesterday since we weren’t doing anything else, and Bunny wanted to. She was drawing a picture of a sun, and I asked if she could tell me what sounds were in “sun”. She started to think about it, and said “well there is a ‘s’ and it ends with ‘n'”  I asked her what the middle sound was and she said “a”.Then she wrote it down on her paper. Well I told her good job, and that it was cool that she thought of a word and was able to put it on paper! This finally seemed to mean something! She looked, thought, then wrote ‘p’ ‘a’ ‘n’. She was so excited. Then I said what about “rod”? So she wrote “rod”! I was trying not to shout and jump up and down! 🙂 The best part was when she looked at me and said “I cant believe I am writing Mom!!!!” She tried to write “world” next (this was a little too hard, but we did it). She is so excited. I am so excited that she is writing! It means that all of the studying that I have done is paying off! She is writing, just like Montessori said that kids should! So we are really excited here! She wants to do more, and I cant wait to see what she writes!

Here are her first works. She copied them on line paper afterwards.

We need a quick refresher on some sounds!

She was working so hard! I love to see her all set up like this! 🙂

The only thing is that I have corrected some of her spelling (like sun and world) because she asked if that was really how it was spelled and I know that she memorizes every word she writes. I know that we are not supposed to correct spelling at this stage, so do you think I should? Anyone have any thoughts on this?