Zoo Flowers Again!

Ok it looks like Blogger had some issues and I now need to rewrite and repost some of the things we did on Wed. So here goes. On Wednesday it was supposed to rain,  but instead it sunny! So I wanted to get out with the girls before the rain hit again. We decided to call up our friends and go to the zoo! It was so much fun! Bunny has been begging to go to the zoo for a while now and we have been waiting for good weather! We got to see elephants (Pup’s request), monkeys (Bunny’s request), fish, birds, bears, penguins, seals, and tons of cool flowers! Our zoo has a garden and conservatory so there are plants from all over the world! It fit right into our plant study! 🙂 Like I said it was awesome! Here are the pics from out trip!

Everyone who has ever been to the zoo has a pic like this!


Watching gorillas

Clown fish. Pup loved these!

This is a sculpture in our Aviary.

Looking at the food birds eat.

This was a Rhinoceros Hornbill and it was making a goose like dog bark sound! It was SO loud, but the girls were “talking” to it and it was answering back! They LOVED it!

When we got to the garden area of the zoo, Bunny asked (ok begged) to take a picture ,all by herself, of the flowers she liked. I said yes, and she want crazy with the camera! No surprise there, but I was surprised at how good the pictures were! This camera that I have has a problem with focusing on what I want it to, and I get alot of blurry pictures, but somehow Bunny was able to get almost all good ones! I think she may have talent! Take a look and see what you think!

I did take this one! 🙂

What have you been doing in the warmer weather?