Zoo Flowers

Today was so much nicer then it was supposed to be, so after a bit of school work, we took a spur of the moment trip out to the zoo! It was a beautiful day. We met up with friends, saw some animals from other continents (yes a learning moment), and we saw some plants (also from other continents). It was great! Here are the pics!

Every child ever at this zoo has a picture on this buffalo! 🙂

Baby Elephant

Pup wanted to see the elephants so badly! They all loved them!

Lunch time! Bunny wouldn’t sit still for the pic! 🙂

Huge bird. I don’t remember what it was.

Orangutan. Bunny was wanted to see the Monkeys and the Orangutans super bad!

Orangutan baby playing! They swing all over!

Gorilla’s Sleeping

There are 5 of them!
Chipmunk in a flower pot!

Aviary statue. So Cute!

This was a Rhinoceros Hornbill. It was “talking” to the girls and they were talking back! It made a sort of barking goose honk! They were so loud and it was so funny!

This was my favorite bird!

This duck follows people around the zoo looking for food! They will come right up to you!

Our zoo has a garden and a conservatory that has a bunch of flowers and plants from around here and around the world! We headed there since we are talking about plants this month. Bunny was so excited to see the different flowers and she asked if she could take pictures of the flowers she like. I said yes and here is the pictures she took! I really think that she has some talent! Most were lucky shots, but she got some good ones! 

This one I took!

So our day turned out to be pretty educational and fun! I love the extended school room.
What have you done since it has gotten warmer?