Zoo Theme Kick Off!

Well we hit the zoo again! But instead of just being there for fun, we kicked off our Zoo theme with hunt for animals all around the world. I printed off some pictures of animals in our zoo, and then Bunny looked for them while we where there. When we found an animal that I picked, we wrote down where they live and I told her about their eating habits and habitats. I was surprised at how much she absorbed! She was telling Daddy all about it at dinner and she really retained the information. Plus it offered her a chance to write a few words! Here are the pictures of the day!

Here is Bunny’s Animal List!

Of course we saw the baby Elephant!

We went the Rhinoceros Hornbill enrichment where they give the birds some fun activity to help keep them sharp and amused! It was fun to watch them try to open the doughnut box and get their treat! Bunny said it was cherries!  

Here is Bunny in the African part of the aviary. All of the birds fly around you while you are there!

Here is the Australian area!

We finally saw the Rhino! This are of the zoo is under construction and it was hard to get to!

We headed to the aquarium! Pup loved to look at the big fish!

I love this picture! Sister are so cute!

Here is out Polar Bear!

Bunny and Pup really had fun looking at the seals for quite a while. They kept swimming around past the window!

The Giraffe!

Here is the Zebra!

We stopped for a cold drink!

Pup was SO tired! I couldn’t get her to smile!
(on a side note, I found this very cool African Rattle for our continent box!)
We always have so much fun at the zoo! I love to see their excited faces when they discover things! I also love that they actually are learning! What do you do with your kids that helps then learn?
PS: Stay tuned for my Zoo trays! I plan of posting them in the next day or so!